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Visiting Saddlehorn Ranch 

Wiltshire Horn Sheep

It was very exciting for us to see the Saddlehorn Ranch flock. Many thanks to Dan and Sandy for taking the time to show us around their property and for sharing their knowledge of the Wiltshire Horn breed in America.


For more information on Saddlehorn Ranch see

Established near the small town of Harper, 450km north west of Houston, Texas is Saddlehorn Ranch. Here, Dan and Sandy Nigh run what is believed to be the largest Wiltshire Horn flock in the United States.

Saddlehorn Ranch consists of 50 acres, with another 44 leased acres in the Edwards Plateau region of Texas. At an elevation of 1700 feet (518 metres) above sea level and with an average annual rainfall of about 20 inches (just over 500ml), the climate is classified as semi-arid.

The Saddlehorn Ranch flock currently consists of 22 breeding-age ewes, five weanling ewes, seven breeding-age rams and four weanling rams. Ewes are typically joined in mid-October to lamb in early March (the beginning of Spring).

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